I’ve always been on the lookout for decorations for the garden – I think my garden style could be described as “eclectic” ! I started “terracotta gardening” owing to poor soil (too many huge trees) and I think a plethora of pots encourages decorations to go with them. I came across some pots (as in, the best pots ever !) with blue glaze (made by S&B Evans & Sons – The City Garden Pottery off Columbia Road in East London – sadly they have retired) so my garden theme became terracotta and blue……

I never really realised I had any creative tendencies apart from gardening until I visited The Seedpod Studio in Johannesburg, South Africa when I was fortunate to live there for 8 months during a work placement. There I discovered painting bisque (pottery/ceramic painting) and creating mosaics.

When I returned to the UK, I tried stained glass and then fused glass…..I eventually got my own kiln and started painting more ceramics (I love painting Pimm’s jugs for friends) and fusing glass in order to create ornaments for my garden. I love it that, in the winter, there is still something colourful to look at out there and they look great in the snow too !

Friends seem to like them and here I am !!!

I am ex-large-corporate, specialising in internet/intranet, learning/development, business support/admin.

I am a lively, enthusiastic and direct-speaking bunny and am happiest creating and gardening. I also love anything to do with boats ! Oh, and chocolate of course…..

Apart from the photo of me to the right, I take all my photographs myself. (May I just point out that glass is notoriously difficult to photograph !!)

Member of Surrey Sculpture Society

Member of Oxford Sculptors Group

Member of Just Glass

Member of Contemporary Glass Society

I am a passionate gardener and opened my garden for the NGS in 2018 and 2019. There is an article on the garden in the August 2019 edition of Surrey Life – you will note the cover mentions “CAMBERLEY – Mytchett’s secret sculpture garden”. The article is on page 142 but you will need to subscribe to read it (or ask me for a copy !)