Technical information

IF IT BREAKS – PLEASE don’t throw it away – it’s expensive glass ! I can re-fuse it back together – just contact me ! This also applies to Fractaala®.

Each glass ornament comes with a clear hanging cord. To replace this, you can use fishing line or I use Beadalon Supplemax 0.6mm.



If your ornament is wire-wrapped, I use various coloured wires available from HobbyCraft or The Scientific Wire Company – their retail site is called These wires may lose their coloured coating over time. My favourite wire is call Diamond Cut Aluminium wire which I first saw in a florist shop. You can buy it on Amazon and eBay…………


I use S-hooks to hang over tree branches etc. It’s really important that you wrap the line around the S-hook a good few times or it blows off. I speak from experience. Another great hook idea is a carabiner clip but the “arm” needs to open enough to get it over the branch so needs to be a big clip. A good source of S-hooks is Rivelin Glen Products.

Please note that these glass pieces are not thin, delicate pieces of glass – they are quite chunky pieces as they need to be more robust to hang outside. The thickness of each piece varies but some idea of width (and weight) is given in the “Additional information” tab on each product page.

I found some really good brackets which hook over the fence (no drilling !) at ClipnHang – highly recommended !


Dichroic Glass – originally invented by NASA – yes really ! I suppose that’s why it’s SOOOOOO expensive.  Find out more

All ornaments are made with Bullseye Glass which originates in Portland, Oregon, USA.

I use various glass techniques including fusing, lampworking and vitrigraph. All my work is properly annealed. If you would like to know more, please contact me.